Pedro Araújo

        Postdoc in Combinatorics
        Institute of Computer Science of the Czech Academy of Sciences
        Prague, Czech Republic
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Research Interests

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Theoretical Computer Sciences (ICS) of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Before that I was a visiting PhD student at ICS, a PhD student at IMPA under advisement of Rob Morris and a Master Student at IMPA. My research focuses on Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics. In particular, I am interested in the study of Ramsey Theory, random graphs, pseudo-random structures, graph expansion and tree embeddings.


  • Ramsey numbers of cycles in random graphs
    P. Araújo, M. Pavez-Signé, N. Sanhueza-Matamala

  • Prominent examples on flip processes
    P. Araújo, J. Hladký, EK Keat, M. Šileikis

  • Ramsey goodness of trees in random graphs
    P. Araújo, L. Moreira, M. Pavez-Signé
    To appear in Random Structures and Algorithms. ArXiv

  • Localised codegree conditions for tight Hamiltonian cycles in 3-uniform hypergraphs
    P. Araújo, S. Piga, M. Schacht
    SIDMA. ArXiv

  • Counting graph orientations with no directed triangles
    P. Araújo, F. Botler, G. O. Mota
    Submitted. ArXiv

  • On the anti-Ramsey threshold for non-balanced graphs
    P. Araújo, Y. Kohayakawa, T. Martins, M. Mattos, W. Mendonça, L. Moreira, G. Mota
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    Contact me

        Pedro Campos Araújo
        Institute of Computer Science of the Czech Academy of Sciences
        Pod Vodárenskou věží 2/271
        182 00 Prague 8, Czech Republic

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